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Typical Menu

Our menus are changed on a weekly basis (see bottom of page) and vegetarian meals available on request.

About our menus:

  • We provide the following range of formula milk: Cow & Gate Premium, Cow & Gate Plus, Farley’s First, Farley’s Second, Hipp Organic, Milupa Aptamil First, Milupa Aptamil Extra, SMA Gold, SMA White.
  • We use a Selection of Cereals: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Weetabix and Quaker Oats Porridge.
  • Tea time meals are home made. In our home made products we use fresh cuts of meats, fish and fresh vegtables, lentils and herbs.
  • Most of our puddings, cakes and biscuits are home made. In our home made products we use natural sugars and fresh fruit.
  • Our Meals can be adapted for Dairy Free, Soya Free, & Gluten Free Allergies (see below).

Allergy Advice: some of the foods on our menu contain; nuts, gluten, wheat, sesame seeds, Soya, yeast, milk, eggs, sulphates, phenylalanine.

Every effort is made to avoid food containing nuts for children under 2, however it cannot be guaranteed the food on our menu is free from nuts as some foods may be produced in a factory that uses nuts.

Please advise the nursery both verbally and in writing if your child suffers from a food related allergy or you suspect your child may be potentially at risk from  certain food products.

We reserve the right to change menus without notice.