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Price Guide Over 3 Years Of Age

Childcare for Children Over 3 Years Of Age

Full time day rate £44.50:  (*This price can be further reduced by claiming either 15 hours or 30 hours per week of free Local Authority funding, ask for further details)
Available from 7am to 6.15pm
Monday to Friday inclusive
Per day if not full time: £45.50
Available from 7am to 6.15pm
Morning sessions: £28.00 per session
Sessions available from 7am to 1pm
Afternoon Sessions: £27.50 per session
Sessions available from 1pm to 6.15pm

We make no extra charge for the 7am start or the 6.15pm finish.

* Please note Central Bedfordshire Council (in conjunction with HMRC) offers either 15 hours or  if eligible, 30 hours per week, (term time only) of free nursery placement for  children  3 and 4 years of age, terms and conditions apply, please ask for further guidance.

* During funded periods (term times) a dinner fee is charged at £4.50 per day for children eating nursery food. Parents have the right to provide their own food, thus avoiding this charge, however such food must comply with the nursery policy and the parents must have a suitable insurance policy in place; further details are available on request.

* Parents must provide all nappies, skin creams, wipes, toothbrush / toothpaste and Suntan lotion (must be factor 50 minimum). The above prices do not include these.