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Sessions start with a Welcome Song where the children and staff sing together and say hello to each child. Children then guess the instruments in the box as they are played whilst hidden from view. Each child gets an instrument to play and at each session a different instrument is played that is age appropriate for the children to play.

Instruments include a selection of Shakers, Maracas, Bells, Tambourines, Castanets, Wave drums, Clatterpillars, Drums, Triangles, Claves, Rainmakers & Click Clackers.

We sing rhymes and play along with the instruments, instruments are then collected in and we play a game of ‘What have we got in the bag today’. This is like pass the parcel and when we stop singing, the child with the bag chooses something from the bag and we than sing/say a rhyme. The crocodile is always the favourite!!! However, the props change each week.

Not every child gets a turn so as well as learning music, having fun they are also learning about turn taking.

Then we have a movement section (not for the babies group) where we start with ‘ring a ring a roses’ and the songs change depending on what topic is being covered (sessions match whatever the nursery is covering that week) we also play some crazy action songs and near Christmas, festive songs.

We then calm things down by with rhymes and songs, sometimes we use scarves and play a game where they throw them in the air, before ending with our ‘Goodbye Song’.

Topics covered include:

Body parts, Colours, Numbers, Animals, Weather, Teddies, Transport & Food.

Each room at Acrewood has a session on Tuesday morning starting in the baby room for a 30 minute session and then 40 to 45 mins with the older children. The sessions run from 9.15am – 11.15am term time only.